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America's Discgrace

I was born in the early 60s. A pre-teen during the Vietnam Conflict and really didn't understand or remember exactly what was going on. I do remember a denim jacket I had with a bunch of patches.
One patch in particular along side my Apollo 11 mission  patch was a patch that said, "Make Love Not War".
And even at the ripe age of 7, this made sense to me.

Then, in high school, I think it was 1979 there was a KKK rally right in front of the school, in New Jersey!
Now our high school was an inner city, mixed race school but the KKK, in NJ??

This really blew me away, that in 1979 people were still so backwards and not tolerant of others.

Almost 20 years went by and in 1997, I lived in Greensburg, PA, a quiet eastern suburb of Pittsburgh.

One day I was walking by the County Capital building and again I was shocked to see another KKK rally. (Some of the photos I took that day are included in this post.)

It was almost the millennium, and these hate mongers where still around s…

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