A Misinterpretation?

Years ago I started the Red Chair Project because I saw the huge disparage on social equality in this country. when President Obama was elected I thought things might get better and kind of lost my focus on this project.

Then of course, we had the 2016 elections and things went back 10 fold from any strides we made those previous eight years.

People were outspoken on social media, railing against the divisive and unfair practices of this administration.

So I though, yes, the time has come to revive this social equality project and launch a funding page to help get it from an idea to reality.

Boy was I wrong.

Not about the outrage but about how people really into using social media as a platform but stay nice and comfy in their safe homes.

Now I am well aware that asking for money is rough and most people really don't have an extra money to through at this project. Or maybe explanation of The Red Chair Project is just off.

So, this is The Red Chair Project:

Imagine a room filled with portraits of people from all races, religions and ages. Not knowing who is a doctor, banker, stock person, straight or gay.

They are all the same. No matter the color of their skin, sex or age, we are all part of this global family. No one deserves a lesser quality of life because of skin color, age, sex or sexual orientation.

That's what the Red Chair Project is all about.

I hope you will think about participating in my project either as a participant or in funding.  
If you do you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping tear down the walls of stereotype and show that we are all the same, we are all members of one race, the human race.

For more information about funding this project please visit The Red Chair Project on GoFundMe gofundme.com/theredchairproject


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